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The City of Cherry Hills Village is a home rule municipality located in Arapahoe County, Colorado. The village is about 9 miles from Denver with a total area of 6.3 square miles. Known for great weather, there are 300 days of sunshine each year and easy snow!

Cherry Hills Village has a population of 6,414 people with a median age of 47.5 and a median household income of $224,125. The median property value is $1.24M, and the homeownership rate is 95.2%.

The community was named for a grove of cherry trees near the original town site. It is one of the most affluent places in Colorado and the United States. So close to downtown yet you feel like you're miles away!

The houses are not right on top of each other. There's lots of space, land, trail and parks. The people are friendly that you run into on the trails and you always feel safe.

It began in 1938. A number of homes had been built in what is known as "Country Homes" sometimes called "The Circle” - which is the area lying south of Hampden Avenue and west of University Boulevard. South of Country Homes, the Cherry Hills Country Club had managed to survive the depression and was showing a modest increase in membership.

Early homes in the area, included those of Temple Buell, Dr. Hubert Work and Albert Brooks on the east side of University, while on the west side were homes owned by Churchill Owen and Merritt Gano in Country Homes. Also in the area were the homes of Persis Owen and Louesa Bromfield and the Hickerson mansion, later to become St. Mary's Academy.

1938, the Cherry Hills Improvement Association was formed, whose principal purpose was the protection of the area and the prevention of unsightly and inconsistent uses of land. recently large daily regional traffic flows required alterations of City streets to keep cars confined to designated arterial routes. Quincy Avenue was offset at several intersections, and impedance devices slowed traffic at locations leading into the City.

The City of Cherry Hills Village has prevailed in maintaining its semi-rural character against changing economic trends. Although new development will continue, Cherry Hills strives to preserve its unique character as a quality, single-family residential community in the Denver metropolitan area.

Cherry Hills Courtry Club golf course with breath-taking rocky mountain backdrop
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